50 articles in the category "25 Medical and Health/Human and Animal":

  1. March 2019: Feature: Medical, Health and First Aid Smartphone Apps – Part 2 by Dr David Maddison
  2. March 2019: Feature: El Cheapo Modules 23: Galvanic Skin Response by Jim Rowe, 1 shop item
  3. February 2019: Feature: Medical, Health and First Aid Smartphone Apps - Part 1 by Dr David Maddison
  4. November 2018: Project: Insomnia and Tinnitus killer by John Clarke, kits: SC4792, PCBs: SC 01110181/2, 8 shop items
  5. August 2018: Feature: Introduction to Electroencephelographs (EEG) by Jim Rowe
  6. August 2018: Project: Brainwave Monitor – see what’s happening in your brain by Jim Rowe, PCBs: 25108181, 4 shop items
  7. August 2018: Feature: Taking an Epic Voyage through your Alimentary Canal! by Dr David Maddison
  8. May 2018: Feature: Tiny capsule measures, radios your gut gas data by Ross Tester
  9. April 2018: Review: New “Facett” hearing aids from BlameySaunders by Ross Tester
  10. May 2017: Review: The latest digital hearing aids from BlameySaunders by Ross Tester
  11. October 2016: Feature: Implantable Medical Devices by Dr David Maddison
  12. October 2016: Project: Lure & Liquidate Lovelorn Zika Virus Mozzies by John Clarke, kits: Altronics K1134, PCBs: SC 25110161, 6 shop items
  13. September 2016: Feature: LUCAS: Bringing The Dead Back To Life by Ross Tester
  14. February 2016: Feature: Defibrillators Save Lives by Ross Tester
  15. January 2016: Feature: Blood Pulse Oximeters: How They Work by Jim Rowe
  16. October 2015: Project: An Arduino-Based USB Electrocardiogram by Jim Rowe, kits: Altronics K2523, PCBs: 07108151, 6 shop items
  17. August 2015: Feature: A Look At Biohacking by Dr David Maddison
  18. July 2015: Feature: The Bionic Eye: Artificial Vision, Pt.2 by Dr David Maddison
  19. June 2015: Feature: The Bionic Eye: Artificial Vision Is Becoming A Reality, Pt.1 by Dr David Maddison
  20. January 2015: Feature: Interfacing To The Brain by Dr David Maddison
  21. September 2014: Review: Incus Bluetooth Hearing Aid Programmer by Ross Tester
  22. November 2013: Project: Alscolyser: For Accurate Alcohol Analysis by Allan Linton-Smith
  23. March 2013: Project: Infrasound Detector For Low Frequency Measurements by Allan Linton-Smith & Ross Tester, kits: Champ and Pre-champ available from Jaycar & Altronics, 2 shop items
  24. March 2013: Feature: We Test Some New Hearing Aids by Ross Tester
  25. October 2012: Project: Wireless Remote Control For The Barking Dog Blaster by Ross Tester, kits: related: Altronics K4500, PCBs: related: SC 25108121, 2 shop items
  26. September 2012: Project: Barking Dog Blaster: Shut That Annoying Mutt Up! by John Clarke, kits: Altronics K4500, PCBs: SC 25108121, 6 shop items
  27. January 2011: Project: Cranial Electrical Stimulation Unit by Robert Scott, PCBs: SC 99101111, 3 shop items
  28. June 2010: Project: Air-Quality Meter For Checking CO & CO₂ Levels by John Clarke, PCBs: SC 04306101, EPE 834, 4 shop items
  29. December 2008: Project: Test The Salt Content Of Your Swimming Pool by Leo Simpson
  30. December 2006: Project: A Heartbeat CPR Training Beeper by Jim Rowe & Ross Tester, PCBs: SC 04112061, 4 shop items
  31. September 2006: Project: Aquarium Temperature Alarm by Peter Smith, kits: SC 03109061, 3 shop items
  32. January 2006: Project: Pocket TENS Unit For Pain Relief by John Clarke, kits: DSE K3705, PCBs: SC 11101061, 3 shop items
  33. October 2005: Project: Simple Alcohol Level Meter by John Clarke, 1 shop item
  34. August 2005: Project: Carbon Monoxide Alert by John Clarke, kits: K4614, PCBs: SC 05108051, 3 shop items
  35. February 2005: Project: Build A USB-Controlled Electrocardiograph by Jim Rowe, kits: DSE K3704, PCBs: SC 07102051, EPE 643, 4 shop items
  36. September 2004: Project: Bed Wetting Alert Sounder For Toddlers by John Clarke, kits: Jaycar KC5396 , PCBs: SC 15109041/15109042, 1 shop item
  37. April 2004: Project: Shut That Mutt by Branko Justic, kits: Oatley Electronics K112a
  38. November 2003: Feature: Electronic Noses Smell A Big Future by Peter Holtham
  39. September 2001: Project: Personal Noise Source For Tinnitus Sufferers by John Clarke, kits: Altronics, DSE, Jaycar KC5319, PCBs: SC 01109011, 2 shop items
  40. July 2001: Project: The HeartMate Heart Rate Monitor by John Clarke, kits: Altronics K8050, PCBs: SC 04107011/04107012, 4 shop items
  41. October 2000: Project: Booze Buster Breath Tester by Ross Tester, kits: Oatley Electronics
  42. July 1999: Project: Build The Dog Silencer by Branco Justic, kits: Oatley Electronics (discontinued)
  43. May 1999: Project: Build A Carbon Monoxide Alarm by John Clarke, PCBs: SC 05303991, 2 shop items
  44. October 1998: Project: PC-Controlled Stress-O-Meter by Rick Walters, PCBs: SC 07111981, 2 shop items
  45. August 1997: Project: Build A TENS Unit For Pain Relief by John Clarke, kits: DSE K3702 - discontinued, PCBs: SC 04307971, 1 shop item
  46. February 1996: Project: Woofer Stopper Mk 2 - Now It's Even Better! by John Clarke, kits: DSE, Jaycar, PCBs: SC 03102961, 1 shop item
  47. June 1993: Project: Remote Control For The Woofer Stopper by Darren Yates, kits: Oatley Electronics, PCBs: SC 03105932, 2 shop items
  48. May 1993: Project: Build The Woofer Stopper by Darren Yates, PCBs: SC 03105931, 2 shop items
  49. March 1992: Feature: The Electronic Dentist by Siemens Review
  50. January 1992: Feature: New Blood Steriliser Uses Microwaves by Leo Simpson

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