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Office closed during Christmas 2020 (9/12/2020)

Our office will be closed after Friday December 18th 2020 and will re-open on Monday January 4th 2021.

Any orders placed by Wednesday December 16th 2020 where all items are in stock should be sent before our office shuts, although we can't guarantee it.

Orders placed after that might have to wait until we re-open, although we'll do our best to fulfill them before Christmas.

Orders for digital items like online subscriptions and back-issues will be processed immediately, as usual.

E-mails and letters received over the Christmas break will be answered after we re-open.

Christmas order deadlines (6/11/2020)

Australia Post has provided us with deadlines for recommended lodgement dates if you want to receive a given order before Christmas. Based on this information, if you want to receive an order before Christmas and we have all the items in stock, please make sure you place the order no later than:

  • Regular post: Wednesday 9th December
  • Express post: Wednesday 16th December

Error on magazine cover (17/07/2020)

Unfortunately, we only noticed after the August 2020 issue was printed that the Ultrasonic Cleaner project shown on the cover was held over until the September issue due to a lack of space.

Apologies for this mistake. The new High-Power Ultrasonic Cleaner will definitely be published in the September 2020 issue. A revised cover has been used for the August 2020 online edition which replaces the Ultrasonic Cleaner with a different project that is in the same magazine.

Silicon Chip still up and running (27/03/2020)

For most of our customers and readers, we are still operating normally. You can still place orders through out website but they may take a day or two longer to be dispatched.

Our April 2020 with the Jaycar catalog issue was mailed out several days ago and it should reach Australian readers soon. Those in New Zealand and other overseas countries may find that it is delayed depending on the status of your local postal system. New Zealand subscribers will not receive the Jaycar catalog immediately; it will be sent separately, once businesses reopen.

The April 2020 issue is also being distributed to those news agents in Australia which remain open. As of today (March 27th), that is the majority of newsagents. Most newsagents in New Zealand are now closed, but should be selling our April 2020 issue once they re-open.

If you can't buy Silicon Chip at the newsagents, we can mail you the April 2020 issue at a cost close to the normal cover price (but without the catalog; we can mail the catalog but it costs a lot more). You can order it from the Back Issues (Printed) section of our Shop. We will send your copy ASAP.

We will continue producing the magazine each month. If future government actions prevent us from printing or distributing the magazine, we will make sure readers can get electronic copies and follow those up with printed copies as soon as we can.

For those who are still waiting for PDFs on USB, or who plan to order them soon, we plan to dispatch your order by Friday April 3rd.

Please take care of yourselves and also take actions to protect others from infection.

Silicon Chip event at Jaycar maker hub on March 21st

Saturday, March 21st is Arduino Day and to celebrate, Silicon Chip will be at the Jaycar maker hub.

While there, we will:

  • Have special workshops.
  • Answer your Arduino questions.
  • Help you with any Arduino projects you may be having trouble with.
  • Have (limited!) parts to fix broken Arduino Unos , as per our article in this issue (see page 61) , and will help anyone who
  • brings in a broken one to try to fix it.

And several Arduino 'Projects of the Month', as sold by Jaycar and advertised in SILICON CHIP, will be available for purchase at the advertised prices (they're generally only sold at that price for one month). We can help you build any project purchased.

Bring in any Arduino projects you’d like us to help you with, along with your laptop/notebook PC with the relevant software.

ONE DAY ONLY! Saturday, March 21 at 28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008 (near Central Station).

Silicon Chip magazine is available in selected Coles stores

Silicon Chip is currently sold at 257 Coles stores. If your local Coles is included, you may find it convenient to purchase the magazine while you're shopping for other items.

Nicholas VInen

The April 2019 issue has been delayed slightly (March 26th 2019)

Due to delays outside of our control, the April issue may not reach newsagents and dealers by the planned on-sale date of March 28th.

You can expect to see the April 2019 issue of SILICON CHIP Magazine on sale by April 1st 2019.

Nicholas VInen

Etone woofer availability for Majestic speakers (March 9th 2015)

Several readers have contacted us to say that they've been having trouble getting a hold of etone to order bass drivers for the Majestic speakers.

We have heard that etone are now answering calls but the specified woofer is out of stock and will be on back-order for a few months.

If you don't want to wait, you can substitute Celestion 28/FTR15-4080F or 28/FTR15-4080FD 15" bass drivers. These are drop-in replacements and offer higher power handling (600W/1000W) with identical sensitivity. They are available from the same supplier as the tweeters and horns (Elfa;

We tested the 28/FTR15-4080FD in one of our early prototypes and found it worked well, but thought the etone woofer sounded slightly better and also preferred its lower price. On the other hand, with the 28/FTR15-4080FD fitted, the speakers will handle up to 1000W each (with suitably high-wattage dropping resistors for the tweeters). So it's up to you.

Nicholas VInen

New postage options & prices (January 15th 2015)

We now offer a choice of postage for PCBs, parts, back issues, binders and other items dispatched from our office.

The standard Australia Post charge remains the same at $10 per order, excluding back issues where the $12 charge includes postage within Australia. However, for orders of five or more back issues, the postage charge is now capped at $10 so each additional back-issue ordered costs $9.95 (less 10% for subscribers).

Some items sent via regular post can now be tracked. If we have a tracking number for your package, we will e-mail it when the package is picked up by Australia Post.

We also offer Express Post service within Australia for most orders, for between $15 and $25 per order depending on size and weight. Note though that packages are only picked up twice a week (Tuesday afternoon & Friday afternoon) so same/next day dispatch is not guaranteed. But all packages sent via Express Post include tracking and as with regular post, we supply the tracking number as soon as it's on the way to you.

International customers can now choose between three different postage methods: Australia Post airmail, Express Post International and Express Courier International (EMS). As with domestic customers, some (but not all) airmail packages can be tracked but all Express packages include tracking. Charges depend on package size and weight; it's simply a matter of adding the items to your trolley and then selecting the various postage methods to see the associated costs.

Nicholas VInen

SILICON CHIP Christmas/New Year office closure (December 11th 2014)

Our office will be open until December 23rd this year. That will be the last date this year that we will send out orders for binders, PCBs, parts and so on. The office will re-open on Monday January 5th, 2015.

Items can still be purchased from our website while the office is closed but nothing will be mailed out during the aforementioned period. Subscriptions can still be renewed and online issues can still be purchased and read. Any other items ordered during the closed period will be sent out as soon as possible after we re-open.

Thanks for reading the magazine and have a great break!

Nicholas VInen

Fraudulent advertising alert (November 21st 2014)

On page 9 of the December 2014 printed issue of SILICON CHIP, there is an ad from "Network Communications" offering discounted smartphones.

We now believe this advertisement is fraudulent and that the person who placed it does not work for Network Communications.

We strongly advise readers not to send any e-mails to the listed addresses as it is probably a scam and you would lose your money.

To make it clear: we believe the fradulent advertisment is not associated with the legitimate company called "Network Communications".

Nicholas VInen

Website upgrade (July 8th 2014)

We have moved our website to a faster server. Readers and browsers should notice some improvement in responsiveness.

It should work exactly the same as it did before, however if you spot any problems caused by the move please let us know.

Nicholas VInen

Update - the Majestic loudspeaker (June 26th 2014)

Progress update - we have located what we believe to be a suitable alternative horn for the Majestic Loudspeaker (see news flash below).

Critically, this new horn is still being manufactured and is readily available at a reasonable price. Allan is currently fitting the new horn to his prototype loudspeaker, so that he can check that the frequency response of the overall system has not been adversely affected.

A new lot of crossover PCBs are in the final stages of manufacture and we hope to have them back in stock some time next week.

Nicholas VInen

Majestic SpeakerLatest news flash - the Majestic loudspeaker (June 18th 2014)

The Majestic Loudspeaker featured in the June issue is causing a problem – it is too popular! Etone have run out of the die-cast horns for the tweeter and the company which made them has gone out of business. Aargh!!

Never fear though, designer Allan Linton-Smith is on the case and hopes to do some tests on some substitute horns made by Celestion fairly shortly and we will make the results known on the website as soon as they are available.

In the meantime, if you have started making the cabinet for the Majestic Loudspeaker, do not cut cut the rectangular hole for the tweeter horn in the baffle – it is likely that any new horn we find will have different dimensions.

We are also temporarily out of stock of the crossover network PCBs but we should have new stocks available within the next two weeks.

Leo Simpson