14 articles in the category "26 Scientific/Educational":

  1. July 2013: Project: Demonstration Circuits For Human Colour Vision by James Goding
  2. December 2011: Project: Build A Magnetic Stirrer by Michael Burton, PCBs: SC 18112111
  3. September 2009: Project: Build A Simple Seismograph On A Protoboard by Stan Swan
  4. August 2008: Project: Planet Jupiter Receiver by Jim Rowe, kits: Altronics K1127 (discontinued), PCBs: SC 06108081, EPE 771, 4 shop items
  5. August 2006: Project: An Ultrasonic Eavesdropper by Jim Rowe, PCBs: SC 01208061, EPE 683, 3 shop items
  6. September 2005: Project: Build Your Own Seismograph by Dave Dobeson, PCBs: SC 04105091, EPE 636, 1 shop item
  7. September 2001: Project: The Sooper Snooper by Ross Tester, kits: Oatley Electronics
  8. March 2001: Project: Protoboards: More Fun With Comparators by Leo Simpson
  9. December 2000: Project: Protoboards: The Easy Way Into Electronics, Pt.4 by Leo Simpson
  10. November 2000: Project: Protoboards: The Easy Way Into Electronics, Pt.3 by Leo Simpson
  11. October 2000: Project: Protoboards: The Easy Way Into Electronics, Pt.2 by Leo Simpson
  12. September 2000: Project: Protoboards: The Easy Way Into Electronics, Pt.1 by Leo Simpson
  13. February 1998: Project: Demonstration Board For Liquid Crystal Displays by Rick Walters, PCBs: SC 04102981, 1 shop item
  14. February 1996: Project: Build A Basic Logic Trainer by Rex Callaghan, kits: DSE K3010 exclusive

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