17 articles in the category "13 Photography/Astronomy":

  1. April 2011: Project: A Speed Controller For Film Projectors by John Clarke, PCBs: SC 13104111, 4 shop items
  2. June 2009: Project: Build A Beam-Break Flash Trigger by Jim Rowe, kits: Altronics K6011, PCBs: SC 13106091/13106092, EPE 808/809, 2 shop items
  3. February 2009: Project: Programmable Time Delay Flash Trigger by Jim Rowe, kits: Altronics K6009, PCBs: SC 13102091, EPE 791, 2 shop items
  4. June 2008: Project: A Quick’n’Easy Digital Slide Scanner by Brian Coulson
  5. April 2008: Project: A Safe Flash Trigger For Your Digital SLR Camera by Ross Tester
  6. July 2003: Project: A "Smart" Slave Flash Trigger by Jim Rowe, kits: Altronics K8080, DSE K3228, Jaycar KC5364, PCBs: SC 13107031, EPE 560, 3 shop items
  7. April 2003: Project: Electric Shutter Release For Cameras by Julian Edgar
  8. October 1998: Project: Flash Attack! by Julian Edgar
  9. November 1997: Project: A Regulated Supply For Darkroom Lamps by Rick Walters, PCBs: SC 10107971, 2 shop items
  10. April 1995: Project: A Photographic Timer For Darkrooms by John Clarke, kits: DSE, Jaycar, PCBs: SC 10304951, 1 shop item
  11. March 1995: Project: IR Illuminator For CCD Cameras & Night Viewers by Branco Justic, kits: Oatley Electronics
  12. September 1994: Project: An Image Intensified Night Viewer by Leo Simpson, kits: Oatley Electronics
  13. August 1993: Project: A Microprocessor-Based Sidereal Clock by John Western, kits: John Western
  14. March 1993: Project: An Alarm-Triggered Security Camera by Tony Nixon, PCBs: SC 03103931/03103932
  15. March 1993: Project: A 24-Hour Sidereal Clock For Astronomers by Bob Flynn, PCBs: SC 04103931
  16. November 1992: Project: An Infrared Night Viewer by Branko Justic, kits: Oatley Electronics
  17. April 1988: Project: Build a Slave Flash Trigger by John Clarke & Greg Swain, PCBs: SC 13-1-588

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